6ft Nordmann Fir Fresh Cut Christmas Tree

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We are delighted to announce that we are now supporting Martin House Children's Hospice - donating a whopping 50% of all Christmas Tree profits to their charity. You can also donate an additional amount below too. We thank all our customers for their kind donations. Find out more!

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£17.50 of every 6ft Christmas Tree purchase goes to Martin House Children's Hospice!

Currently the best selling Christmas Tree in the UK, Nordmann Firs are much loved for their symmetrical shape, hardiness and their glossy dark green foliage which is slightly scented. The Nordmann Fir is blessed with excellent needle retention, unlike some varieties it will hold on to it's needles as long as possible, they will start to slightly curl inward rather than completely fall off at first. This means less hoovering and more time admiring the beautiful foliage of this tree. The tree itself requires very little training or pruning, while it is outside a slight trim once or twice a year to help keep it's shape is usually all that is required.

Freshly cut Christmas trees provide a fantastically traditional and nostalgic feeling to your home during the holiday season, with a variety of wonderful shapes, colours and smells. Our premium quality trees are grown with care in the UK and are shipped directly from our premises to your door, and we ensure that only the best trees are sent to our customers. When you receive your tree, it is best practice to cut a few inches from the bottom of the stump to encourage the tree to take up water, this is vital as your tree will require a constant supply of water to keep fresh. We recommend purchasing a christmas tree stand with a deep water resevoir that can be topped up every 1-2 days, this will ensure that your tree remains happy, healthy & vibrant throughout the Christmas period.

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